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Social Trading

You do not need experience to start in the financial markets
Take advantage of an expert trader!

Social Trading

New social trading technologies

We have integrated our own technological development that allows you to access all the trading offers given by expert traders from your own Client Portal. You do not need to be an expert in trading, evaluate the best results and with a CLICK start participating.


Our investment fund type offer where statistically you will be able to see results of a Manager and only with one CLICK will you be able to have him manage your funds.


Under your own account you will be able to automatically copy all the operations of the trader of your choice, you will be able to see historical profits.

Value added

Leverage from expert traders and managers is possible through our Social Trading technology

You will be able to view statistics of traders, the risk in each operation of the available managers and choose.


Fast and easy

One CLICK away from connecting to copy or follow the strategy of a professional


Monitoring tools

Constant graphs and statistics of the movement of your account.


joint investment fund


You will be able to access new capital and manage it through our PAMM tool, you will have access to collect a FEE (weekly or monthly) for your earnings.


You will be able to see the results of each trade closed by the manager, you will have access to your MT4 or MT5 account to see these results and have control over the risk of your capital.


Access to a complete domain interface, designed to view, account statement, profit or loss, risk per operation and access to a Click to connect or disconnect from the PAMM.

Copy Trading

Copy results of successful traders


If you are having success in your trading, share those results on our COPY TRADING portal and allow other people to copy your trades and charge a FEE (weekly or monthly) on the profits.


You do not need to be an expert in trading to start, Select a Trader within our portal and copy his strategy, you only have to pay a FEE (weekly or monthly) on profits.


You will be able to view all the available traders to Copy their strategies and a complete history of their profits or losses. With just one click, copy their operations directly into your account.